Classic Hoverboard for kids in Canada

Classic Hoverboard 6.5" for Kids

Available in 6 colors, this is a great first hoverboard for kids. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistle of the Ultimate model like the bluetooth speakers, the LED lights over the wheels or the carrying case. But it has the same great electronic, a 2.0 amp battery that will give a kid approximately an hour of playtime and the auto-level feature. This model is great to ride on asphalt, cement or in the house.

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Ultimate Hoverboards for kids in Canada

Full Equipped Hoverboard 6.5" for Kids

Take a Classic hoverboard, add all the bell and whistles in the world plus anything you can imagine and you get the Ultimate model. It has of course the auto-level feature, but also a bluetooth speaker to play music from a phone of iPod, LED lights to add some swag, a silicone protector to protect that beautiful design and a carrying case to help you bring your hoverboard everywhere with you. This model is great to ride on asphalt, cement or in the house with swag.

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Lamobrghini Hoverboard for kids or adults

Lamborghini Hoverboard 8" for Kids or Adults

Get more speed and more range with the Lamborghini Hoverboard. The bigger the wheels, the bigger the comfort. Our Lamborghini model comes with the LED light over the wheels, the bluetooth speaker to play music from a phone or iPod and a carrying bag. This model as a big 4.4 amp battery that can give a kid around two hours of playtime (around an hour for an adult). The Lamborghini is great for hard surface and might go a little big off road with a talented rider.

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Hummerboard for Sale in Canada

Hummerboard 8.5" for Kids or Adults

The Hummerboard is simply the top of the line. If it doesn’t go somewhere, no other hoverboard can. With it’s extra wide tires, this is the King of Camping.

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