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Welcome to Wheelster!
Your one-stop-shop for all-electric mobility systems. Since 2015 we’ve been serving the customers with the best products. We took our start with an electric unicycle and then gradually improved ourselves with the evolving technology. Now we’re working as the leading e-Commerce platform for selling hoverboard, electric skateboard, drift trike, hover shoes, electric bike, electric scooter, and the list go on. Wheelster has been operating in Canada since always and where it’s today is all because of the passion for the eco-friendly products. Read 49 REASONS. 

What is Wheelster is about? “Wheelster is in business to make the future RAD!”
Wheelster is not an overnight dream but the passion of two good friends. Everything we do at Wheelster is about mobility. We’re the best innovators and the market leaders in Canada and known as the #1 brand of electric e-rideable. We’ve everything at our store from hoverboards to e-bikes, from skateboards to electric scooters, we’ve something for everyone. Wheelster is highly committed to making every experience with the product super fun and accessible for all.


One of the great competitive advantages of Wheelster is its vertically integrated business model, which covers the entire value chain, product development, marketing, and distribution. We commit to going an extra mile to meet the customers’ needs and their expectations from us.

Our Team
Wheelster is not only operating itself but there is a competitive team of market experts who work hard to exceed the customers’ satisfaction. Wheelster is Canadian owned and operated company specialized in top trending electronic e-gadgets and systems. With a passion and experience in technology, our workforce work day and night to provide the customers with a fun, safe and quality product experience. We are passionate about what we do. We research the market for the latest trends and know the customers wants to create something creative, convenient and easy-to-use. We proudly announce ourselves as the bunch of best team members who compete, work, and grow together.

Our Products
We sell several kinds of products at our store, these ranges from hoverboard, hover shoes, electric skateboard, electric scooter, and electric drift trike. Everything is of premium-quality and perfectly justifies the prices regarding features, functionality, and benefits. Everything is available at discounted rates, so you can shop with us without being worried about your budget. We’re all about recreation electric mobility since 2015 and till now focused on our ultimate goal; that’s providing eco-friendly transport alternative to promote carbon-free world. We’re PROS at what we do and feel lucky to be a part of this industry.

Our Mission
We aim to be a leading company in the e-mobility gadgets manufacturing and supply by focusing on the premium-quality products and stringent testing, more testing, and continuous testing to improve quality and introducing innovation to the world.

Our Vision
We strive to be the global leader in e-mobility products manufacturing and distribution which ultimately transforms the way our consumers utilize methods of transportation. We always strive and continuous to do to provide people with a new eco-friendly way of traveling across the city streets and reduce carbon footprint.  Your satisfaction is at priority, and we go beyond boundaries to exceed it.

Core Competencies
Every company possesses some kind of core competencies which makes it a bit different from others. We also possess and that’s why we’re here in front of you.

  • Premium Quality:

All our e-mobility products are handled and delivered with ultimate care and protection. We make it sure that all the products pass Federal Safety Regulations and are tested before they are marketed to our valuable customers. We’re blessed because whatever is in our stock is fully certified and meet the safety standards. We give safety a huge priority at Wheelster and so always want to ensure a high-quality product. Wheelster work on maintain health and safety for valuable customers.

  • Free Warranty:

Another quality that makes us different from competitors is we offer free warranty for all our products. Yes, when you shop with us, we let you ensure that you’ll get a 1-year free warranty which you can claim against your product in case of any problem. We’re here to serve you and will be there no matters what after all customers are everything for us.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

We work on customer satisfaction and never miss a chance to amaze our customers. We make it our primary concern to give customers 100% top-quality products with satisfaction guaranteed. Wheelster offers customers with an option to get a full refund and exchange the product if they encounter any defect in the product.

  • Quality Check System:

We’ve with us our quality check system to ensure the functionality and quality of products. Here all the products are thoroughly checked for faults and are fixed to maximize the performance. So it’s guaranteed that our customers will never get a product which is below the quality and don’t meet the standards of the market.

  • 24/7 Customer Support:

Whatever your query regarding our products and services, we’d love to serve you with the best possible assistance. We’re here to serve you with 24/7 customer support. Just contact us and one of our representatives would be in touch with you.

So why wait for more? Get your Recreational Electric Mobility Device today and flaunt in front of your friends.