49 Reasons

9 Reasons why to choose Wheelster as your reliable e-Mobility brand

  1. Wheelster is 100% Canadian.
  2. Wheelster is incorporated in Canada since 2015.
  3. You can communicate with us via chat, email or phone at 1-855-943-3558.
  4. We are fully bilingual.
  5. We offer one year warranty on all our products.
  6. The warranty is 100% honored in Canada.
  7. All the goods are already in Canada.
  8. We have comprehensive business insurance that covers you.
  9. No customs fee and no currency exchange.

9 Reasons why we have the best buying process

  1. Our website follows genuine standards with a secure SSL transaction certificate.
  2. The prices promoted are the same as on our site.
  3. We accept all major credit cards via Paypal; the safest payment gateway online.
  4. You get a live email confirmation of your invoice once you finish processing your order.
  5. You get the tracking number via email generally under 1 hour and about 98% of the time under 4 hours.
  6. The goods are often shipped from Montreal the same day.
  7. We use Canada Post as they are the most convenient and close to 99% of the Canadian population.
  8. You get an automatic email about the movement of your good until it reaches you.
  9. For 95% of the population, you get a door delivery within 2-5 days.

7 Reasons why we believe to have the best products

  1. We aim to provide the lowest defect rate in the e-Mobility industry.
  2. We use only genuine and reliable parts from major manufacturers across the world.
  3. All our products are tested before shipment.
  4. All our products have the full set of certifications requested by Canada Customs.
  5. All our products have a UL2271 certified Wheelster battery which is more than required in our country.
  6. All our products have a UL charger which is just the best protection you can get.
  7. All our packages are well-protected and safe for your good while in transit.

9 Things you must know about us

  1. We mainly have good reviews on Google.
  2. We mostly have good reviews on Site Jabber (see the reviews).
  3. We mainly have good reviews on Trust Pilot (see the reviews).
  4. We don't buy fake reviews (yes, some competitors do it).
  5. The instruction booklet is weak and generic, but Phil is working on improving it.
  6. We propose a solution and solve the issue if any.
  7. As fathers, we understand that our products are often gifts, and we make it happen.
  8. We say what we do, and we do what we say.
  9. Best Buy Canada recommends us.

15 Questions to ask before buying elsewhere

  1. Do you have an HTTPS website (certified safe)?
  2. Are you billing me in USD?
  3. Is there any additional custom fees applicable?
  4. Do you have a warranty? How long? What does it cover?
  5. Will you honor my warranty if I am not from Canada?
  6. Are you a brand or a dropshipper?
  7. Are you a brand or a reseller?
  8. Are you dedicated to e-Mobility or you sell other gadgets or toasters?
  9. What is your toll free phone number?
  10. Are you UL2271 and have a UL charger included at no extra charge?
  11. How can you guarantee me that your Samsung or LG or Panasonic battery is not a fake?
  12. Are you 100% confident that your specs are real? Speed, Range, Battery size, max weight, and others.
  13. Do you have your own brand name printed on the unit or on the box?
  14. Do you buy reviews?
  15. Can you confirm that your GST number will be written on my invoice?

Finally, let me confirm that there are a few SCAMMERS out there and there are at least two new ones in 2019. We can't name them, but we got enough feedback from prospects and clients since 2015 to make a clear idea of the situation. So this article is only to warn and protect you and your kids. We can't pretend to be the best company in the world, and we have still things to improve, but when it comes to e-Mobility in Canada, we do an excellent job. Wheelster is more of a lifestyle online job for me (Greg) and Phil, and we are not much greedy but have a very efficient, low-cost overhead structure. That way, we can keep a very aggressive pricing structure, and if you find way much better pricing than ours, please ask them a few questions...