Hoverboard Charger

Charger 42V for 36V Battery / Standard

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Wheelster Hoverboard Charger
Our hoverboard charger offers you a Li-ion battery charger that comes with a 36V range. A durable and reliable charger that has been tested and thoroughly inspected for issues.

  • Frame: The frame of the charger is crafted using premium grade and fire-resistant materials, along with quality wires. Making sure that you are able to recharge your ride without any hassle that can lead to a disappointment.

  • Weight: The charger comes in a compact size and is fairly easy to carry around. The removable wire features help add an easy to pack feature you can take complete advantage of when traveling light.

  • Battery: The hoverboard charger is designed to take on any hoverboard battery. Regardless of how high or low the battery capacity is this charger will allow you a safe and reliable charging experience.

  • Speed: The charger comes with a standard charging speed that will approximately take 2 to 3 hours to charge your hoverboard.

  • Features: A CE certified charger that ensures the protection of your battery life and hoverboard in the long run. Offering you an authentic charger that ensures the safety and security of your device.


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