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Electric Scooter Black for Kids. Aluminium | Battery 4.4Ah | Motor 250W | Max Speed 20 Km/h | Range 12 Km

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Electric Scooter For Kids

Our electric scooter for kids is designed to offer your child a thrilling and easy to handle scooter that is the perfect way to drive around town. With a powerful battery, the scooter will get them anywhere they need to go in style.

  • Frame: The electric scooter comes with a sturdy and durable aluminum frame that ensures speed and easy handling.

  • Weight: The e-scooter weights about 8.5kgs so you can easily carry it around when needed. Or simply use its kickstand to park your scooter on the side. Moreover, the maximum load capacity is 100kg. Following the max load capacity will ensure a powerful and smooth ride.

  • Battery: This electric scooter is powered by a 250W motor, that comes with a 4.4mAh UL2271 rechargeable battery. The scooter takes about 2 to 4 hours to completely charge. A completely charged battery can last for a while depending on the weight and riding conditions the e-scooter is in.

  • Speed: When it comes to speed this e-scooter offers you a max speed of 20km/h, with a 12km range. Making sure that you are riding at a safe speed, and can easily get to your destination without breaking a single sweat.

  • Features: Its aluminum body is paired with 5.5” ties, a foot brake, and an EBS brake. Moreover, the electric scooter offers an LCD screen where you can monitor the remaining battery life, current speed, and the gear status.


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