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Electric Scooter Carbon Black for Adults | Battery 8.8Ah | Motor 480W | Max Speed 26 Km/h | Range 30 Km

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Our carbon black electric scooter for adult features a sleek and stylish design that will match your sense of style. Think of what you would look like in a suit riding this baby to work! Its clean edges and foldable all black body is what makes it such a great purchase for your daily commute! Allowing you to ride around town in a stylish and easy to handle e-scooter.

  • Frame: The electric scooter is manufactured using premium aluminium with a carbon finish. Which brings forward an extra light body, paired with amazing handling.

  • Weight: The electric scooter weight approximately 7.7 kgs, and can carry a maximum weight of 100kgs. Keeping under the maximum weight limit is the ideal way to achieve a smooth and powerful drive on pavements and roads.

  • Battery: The e-scooter offers you an 8.8mAh UL2271 battery, that is used to power its 250W/480W motor. Once charged fully, the electric scooter can offer you a lasting battery depending on your speed, and weight. Moreover, you can recharge your e-scooter in style using its kickstand. It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours for the scooter to completely charge.

  • Speed: To help ensure safety the max speed you can achieve is 26km/h. Moreover, the max climbing angle the scooter can keep up with is 15 degrees. In addition, to help ensure complete control we have paired its 5.8" wheels with a foot and EBD brake.

  • Features: Along with a powerful motor, and reliable body you get comfortable handles. followed by a waterproof LCD screen that shows your current speed, gear, and battery life
  • Dimensions: 
      • Total length : 95 cm
      • Axel to axel length : 80 cm
      • Wheel diameter 14,7 cm (5,8 inches)
      • Footrest 15 x 50 cm
      • Handlebar width 40 cm
      • Handlebar height from the ground 100 cm
      • Deck height from the ground 10 cm


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