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Wheelster Hover Shoes
Our Wheelster hover shoes offer a lightweight and portable solution that takes care of all your riding needs. A pair of stylish and comfortable hover shoes is exactly what you need to get around town in style. These hover shoes are designed to offer you a certain level of comfort while breaking free from the traditional design. These hover shoes are designed to strap right on top of your shoes and blaze away in style. There is no room for error when it comes to hover shoes, as they offer complete coverage and comfort at all times. In addition, while these hover shoes are inspired by the traditional hoverboard, they offer a completely different design and driving experience. As they come in a compact and easy to carry size, that ensures complete freedom of both legs. Making these hover shoes the perfect addition to your collection, as they offer you a chance to ride around in style. Offering you the unique opportunity to show some skill as you slide away. 

  • Frame: The hover shoes offer a high elastic wheel, that comes with a premium PU finish. Making sure you get high-end hover shoes that are built to last.

  • Weight: These hover shoes are approximately 6.6lbs in weight, and can easily be carried around when need be. Moreover, the shoes can easily take on 70kg of weight and offer ultimate performance when the weight requirements are met.

  • Battery: The hover shoes carry a 1.5mAh battery capacity, that can be charged using it's UL certified charger. It takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to get a full battery each time. 

  • Speed: When it comes to speed these hover shoes offers a 10km/h speed per hour, with a 8km range. Moreover, it can easily take on a 10-degree climb. The end speed rate can only be determined by the rider's weight.

  • Features: A quality built hover shoe pair that can easily fit a standard hoverboard. Moreover, the mileage and speed these hover shoes can push towards depends on the weight of the use, the driving conditions, and the temperature you are driving in.


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