Camo Blue Hoverboard in Canada

Hoverboard Camo Blue 6.5" ULTIMATE / Auto-Level, Battery, Bluetooth, LED Lights, Silicone Guards, Travel Case and UL2272 Certified

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Wheelster ULTIMATE Camo Blue Hoverboard

Our ultimate camo blue hoverboard features a powerful hoverboard that comes with a stylish design. Offering you the ultimate ride when it comes to handless driving. A great ride that will add style and character to your appearance.

  • Frame: A sturdy and durable frame crafted using high-quality ABS plastic materials. Set in place to offer you a reliable and durable ride.

  • Weight: Designed for the entire family the camo blue hoverboard comes with two different speed limits. While the max weight limit is 100kg, the minimum weight limit if 25kg. We suggest you follow the required weight limit to ensure a safe and smooth drive at all times.

  • Battery: To offer you a quality ride the 250W motors are powered using a 2.2mAh battery. Powered by a certified UL battery charger, the battery offers a 1000 rechargeable cycle range.

  • Speed: To make sure the hoverboard offers you the speed you need the system comes with a turbo high-speed boost. Offering you a 10km/h max speed, with a 10km range. However, the exact numbers depend on the driving conditions and weight of the rider.

  • Features: A one of a kind blue camo hoverboard that is designed for everyone in the family. Its built-in speaker system allows you to connect to the device via Bluetooth and enjoy tunes on the go. Along with its auto level safe mode designed to offer beginner rides an extra layer of stability. While it's silicone guard protect it from unwanted scratches, and the LED fender lights add character and style to the mix. All of this with an exclusive Wheelster travel case.


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