Hoverboard Green Classic

Hoverboard Green 6.5" Classic / Auto-Level and UL2272 Certified

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Wheelster CLASSIC Green Hoverboard

Wheelster advance pink hoverboard showcases a sleek blue body that is supported by a powerful motor and lasting battery. With its advanced features, you can ride around in style, and enjoy the best aspects of hoverboarding in public and private.

  • Frame: Manufactured using premium grade ABS plastic, this blue hoverboard is designed to offer you a quality body frame for years to come. Making sure that it can easily take on years of wear and tear.

  • Weight: With it's verified UL the advance hoverboard can take on both children and adults. With the minimum weight range of 25kg, the max weight load is 100kg. A hoverboard that is designed for all ages. Offering everyone a chance to ride the board of their dreams.

  • Battery: With its beautiful body you get a powerful 250W motor that is powered by a 2.2mAh battery. This battery can easily be recharged for over then a 1000 cycles, and all you have to do is plug it in. Moreover, the battery life varies on the weight load the board is carrying.

  • Speed: An advance blue hoverboard  that comes with a 10km/h max speed range, along with an 8km riding range. Making sure that you can easily get to places without having to walk.


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