Black auto-level hoverboard for sale in Canada

Hoverboard Lightning 6.5" for Kids with Auto-Level, Bluetooth and LED Lights

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Wheelster Advance Black Splash Hoverboard

Our advance black splash hoverboard features a vibrant and mystical body that matches perfectly with your adventurous and spontaneous personality. With a stunning style, the advance hoverboard offers a smooth ride for the entire family to enjoy.

  • Frame: Manufactured using premium grade materials the hoverboard comes with a durable and reliable ABS plastic body frame. Along with a sturdy and stable design, that holds the board stable when you ride.

  • Weight: The weight limit of the board depends on who is riding it. As the advance board is designed for adults and kids it comes with two different weight limits. The minimal weight limit for kids over 6 years old is 25kg, and the max weight limit for adults under 77 is 100kg. It is important to remember and follow the weight and age limit, as it is set to ensure your safety.

  • Battery: This powerful and stylish black splash hoverboard offers you a 250W motor that is connected to a 2.2mAh battery. Making sure that you get a long ride with a stable speed. Moreover, the battery can easily take on 1000 recharging cycle in the long run.

  • Speed: A comfortable and safe 10km/h max speed limit, that comes with an 8km range. However, this is not set in stone, as the speed depends on the weight placed on the advance hoverboard, and can range from one individual to another.

  • Features: When talking about its features the advance black splash hoverboard offers a builtin easy to connect with Bluetooth, that comes with a UL certified system, an auto-level feature, and LED lights on both sides.


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