Metallic Chrome Hoverboard in Canada

Hoverboard Metallic Chrome 6.5" ULTIMATE / Auto-Level, Bluetooth, LED Lights, Silicone Guards, Travel Case and UL2272 Certified

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Wheelster ULTIMATE Metallic Chrome Hoverboard

Our ultimate metallic chrome hoverboard comes with a stylish body that is powered by a powerful motor. Offering you a powerful collaboration that comes in a stunning metallic chrome finish. Adding an additional layer of character and charm to our ultimate hoverboard.

  • Frame: The metallic chrome frame is crafted using premium grade ABS plastic that ensures thickness, durability, quality, and reliability. Making sure that you can enjoy safe and smooth rides without worrying about the frame.

  • Weight: This hoverboard is designed to offer you the max weight capacity of 100kgs for adults, and a minimum weight capacity of 25kgs for kids over 6 years old. Driving a hoverboard can be tricky which is why you should consider the age of the driver carefully.

  • Battery: The stylish ultra metallic chrome hoverboard comes with a dual 250W motors, that are connected to a 2mAh battery. A rechargeable battery that offers 1000 cycles.

  • Speed: Enjoy a smooth ride at a constant max speed of 10km/h, with a range of 8-10km. This is not a set number, as the range and max speed depend's on the weight of the rider and the driving conditions.

  • Features: This ultimate chrome hoverboard comes with a dedicated auto-level mode for beginners, silicone guards for protection, LED lights for style and visibility, Bluetooth speakers for entertainment, and an exclusive Wheelster travel case for carriage in style.


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