Metallic Gold Hoverboard

Hoverboard Metallic Gold 6.5" ULTIMATE / Auto-Level, Bluetooth, LED Lights, Silicone Guards, Travel Case and UL2272 Certified

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Wheelster ULTIMATE Metallic Gold Hoverboard

An all-black advance hoverboard is exactly what has been missing from your life. With its advanced features and a stylish black body, there is nothing else that you will ever need in life. So enjoy its smooth drive that comes with a stylish body like never seen before.

  • Frame: The sturdy and durable frame is crafted using premium grade ABS plastic. This offers you a long lasting frame that is designed to support a powerful system.

  • Weight: An advance hoverboard that is designed keeping kids and adults in mind. Which is why we offer a minimum weight limit of 25kg for kids, and a 100kg limit for adults. Making sure that both kids and adults can enjoy a quality drive that ensures safety and spectacular performance.

  • Battery: When it comes to battery life, the advance black hoverboard offers you a powerful 2.2mAh rechargeable battery that powers two 250W motor (500 watt). Moreover, the battery can easily take o 1000 cycles of charging and ensures a powerful ride each time.

  • Speed: An advance UL certified hoverboard that comes with a 10km/h max speed limit, along with an 8km range. The actual max speed limit will depend on the rider and the surface you are riding on. Keep in mind that the lighter the rider the faster the hoverboard will go.

  • Features: A powerful hoverboard that comes with two LED lights on both sides for safety, an auto-level system for stability, and an inbuilt Bluetooth connection for an easy pair.



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