Red Hoverboard in Canada

Hoverboard Red 6.5" ULTIMATE / Auto-Level, Bluetooth, LED Lights, Silicone Guards, Travel Case and UL2272 Certified

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Wheelster ULTIMATE Red Hoverboard

Our Wheelster red hoverboard comes with an advanced system that ensures a stable ride and safety.

Frame: Crafted using top of the line ABS plastic the hoverboard offers you a simple yet elegant design body that is built to last. So you can enjoy your advance hoverboard in style.

Weight: The advance hoverboard is designed for kids and adults, so everyone at home can enjoy its spectacular performance. However, the board is designed for children who weight more than 25kg, and adults who weight less than 100kg. Respecting the weight limit will ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Battery: To offer you a lasting ride we have paired the advance hoverboards 250W motor with 2.2mAh rechargeable battery. This way you can ride in easy knowing you are covered. Additionally, the battery can easily take more than 1000 cycles of recharging.

Speed: The advance hoverboard offers you a 10km/h max speed, with an 8km riding range. This is an approximate number, as the actual number depends on the weight of the rider, and the riding conditions you are driving in.

Features: To ensure balance at all times the advance red hoverboard comes with an auto-leveling feature, along with an inbuilt Bluetooth, and LED lights on both edges. These lights will signal those around you of your movements while notifying drivers of your presence at night. A great feature that ensures a smooth ride and safety at all times.



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