Hummerboard with auto-level and turbo speed for sale in Canada

Hummer Off Road hoverboard for Kids or Adults Camo Green 8.5"

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Camo Green Hummerboard
Our camo green hummerboard offers the ultimate riding experience. With large tires and a powerful engine, you will be able to feel the difference when you ride. The camo green print matches the power and style of the hummerboard and really bring out its impactful style.

  • Frame: To ensure that you are able to enjoy a durable and reliable driving experience with our hummerboard. We are offering you a high-quality body frame that is carefully crafted using premium grade ABS plastic and other materials. 

  • Weight: The ultimate hummerboard comes with the maximum weight capacity of 125kg and the minimum weight capacity of 30kgs. As the hummerboard offers a more powerful driving experience we suggest you consider your driving skills, weight, and age before you step on.

  • Battery: Its 4mAh battery is used to power the 350W dual engines. Offering you great power and coverage when on the go. Moreover, the battery is strong enough to be charged more than 1000 times.

  • Speed: When it comes to speed the hummerboard allows you to enjoy a 15km range and approximately 16km/h speed range. This will vary from one driver to another, as the riders body weight is a huge factor. Along with weather conditions and the surface you are driving on.

  • Features: A camo green hummerboard that offers you a turbo boost for better acceleration and high speed, an auto-level for stability, Bluetooth speakers that allow you to enjoy music on the go, and a UL certified charger.


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