Because not all SELF BALANCING BOARDS are created equal 
Get the safest board on the market with over charge protection, temperature protection, short-circuit protection… The maximum certifications in each self balancing scooter: CE – ROHS – FCC – MSDS – UN38.3. To prevent overheating, our hoverboards use state of the art: Samsung fault protected batteries and chargers with built in management systems. There is no risk of our hoverboards catching on fire. The best motors powered by the ultimate reliable battery. Peace of mind with real warranty and returns policy. Wheelster is the specialist you can trust. 

Wheelster; a specialist you can trust.
Since it’s opening, Wheelster takes actions to be the specialist in the Self Balancing Scooter industry. In goal to make you confortable with your next purchase, here are the reasons why a self balancing board can have problems and what we do to make sure ours products are the best on the market.


First, the ingredients of battery determines the safety of battery. All ours boards are equipped with certified and approved batteries. A bad battery can reach up to 2500 or even 3000 celsius degrees which raise the risk of failure. The Wheelster battery have a max temperature of less than 1000 celsius degrees.

Second, we use only 5C battery instead of the common 3C battery. The ” C” is standard for the rate of dischargeability. Capacity of 5C battery is 4.4Ah, 5C battery’s discharger current is 4.4Ahx5, Capacity of 3C battery is 4Ah, 3C battery’s discharge current is 4Ahx3. Higher the number is, better the battery will be as the scooter always work in large current. If the current is small, it will become overheat. If the battery protection board is not good, the electric core can easily short circuit on high temperature.

The quality of battery protection board is important and must have:

  • Over discharge protection,
  • Over charge protection,
  • Over voltage protection,
  • Short-circuit protection,
  • Temperature protection,
  • Stop charge protection.

If the charger has no overcharge protection, the charge will keep charging until the battery protection board lose control and battery may occur failure. Our charger has over charge protection and over heat protection.

There are hundreds of motor brand in the market but there is only two quality levels. The best quality is 3 permanent magnet motor which is made of copper. And the cheap one is 2.5 permanent magnet motor which is made of aluminium. The 2.5 permanent magnet motor is easily over heat. If the battery is not good and does not have the protection, it will affect the battery indirectly.

Main PCB board
According to us, 95% of any issues with an hoverboard are mother board oriented. Our PCB board is famous for the capacitor which made in Taiwan. The capacitor can make sure the scooter work in high current and voltage. A good PCB board won’t easily short circuit and has over voltage protection. 

We only deal with serious and approved suppliers/manufacturers that have certifications like CE, ROHS, FCC, UN38.3 and MSDS. Furthermore, we are proud to have a defect rate under 1% while the industry is between 20-25% like Ebay, Amazon, Kijiji or else.