Is the Classic Hoverboard is suitable for me?

1- You must weight at least 25 KG (50#) to ride the hoverboard, otherwise it will shakes as the mother board won't recognize you. That's completely normal and you will find this situation on every boards from every brands around the world. Ususally, this minimum load is reached around 6 years old.

2- Note that 90% of the buyers of our Classic Hoverboard are between 6 and 15 years old. It is suitable to 100 KG (220#) so heavier people can also use it without any problems.

3- Younger people don't need Bluetooth feature to listening music while they are riding as they dont have a smart phone, an ipad or an ipod. That being said, plenty of them enjoy this affordable feature available for this Classic Hoverboard. Easy to install by simply pairing with your device.

4- Make sure the rider understand that he/she can't do ramp or rail in the skate park. Neither jump sidewalk or obviously, going in the pool with it. Hoverboard around the world are water resistant but not water proof. Wear all the body protective; helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, glove... Please be careful: these are not long boards but electronics! 

5- The warranty. We have worked hard since 2015 to lower the defect rate to 1-2% compare to 20-25% for Amazon, eBay or any other online suppliers. There is simply only great reviews for Wheelster. Note that 95% of the defect issues are coming from the mother board and 99% of the time, this problem occur the first 3-5 hours of riding. So is this necessary to have a huge warranty? You decide.


6- As we now ship Canada wide, the Classic Hoverboard must be reliable to enable us to stay in business. We are not distributor like many others but these hoverboards are designed with our specs especially for our brand. We know which components are inside.

In conclusion, the Classic Hoverboard is the right choice for anyone that want to start hoverboarding at affordable pricing. Quality and reliability are builted in each Wheelster's board.