Off Road Carbon Black Hoverboard in Canada

Wheelster OFF ROAD Hoverboard UL2272, Up to 18 KM, Bluetooth Speaker, 700W Brushless, Front LED Lights, 10" Pumped Tires and No Fall Tech / For Kids or Adults (3 colors)

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Off-Road Hoverboard
Our off-road hoverboard is designed for drivers who would like to take on the next adventure. With this powerful body and chunky wheels, you can easily take on any off-road route. Enjoying a difference in pace, setting, and movement is exactly what you need to break free.

  • Frame: An off-road hoverboard that comes with a slightly larger frame that offers more coverage. Crafted using durable and sturdy materials that can easily take on off-road experiences. Its stylish hip-hop design is printed on its premium grade ABS plastic body that offers a sturdy finish.

  • Weight: The max weight load the hoverboard is able to take is 125kg, but you should keep well under the weight limit if you wish to enjoy a powerful off-road experience. Moreover, the hoverboard is not suitable for children under the age of 7. Additionally, the rider must be more than 23 kgs (50 pounds). Making sure they are able to handle the bigger boost and a boosted performance.

  • Battery: It's dual 350W engines are powered using a 4mAh battery, that comes with a special turbo boost for added acceleration. Offering you a higher speed than expected form most off-road hoverboards.

  • Speed: With a coverage range of 15km, the hoverboard offers a 16km/h speed. However, the final speed will depend on the weight of the rider, along with the riding conditions.

  • Features: A powerful off-road hoverboard that offers the ultimate experience. To add to your experience the hoverboard comes with an auto-level for balance, Bluetooth speakers for wireless music, and comes with a trusted UL charger.


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