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Wheelster inc. is the success story of two old friends who like electric mobility. We are in the hoverboard business since the very beginning in 2015 when we have imported the first hoverboards in Canada. We were first again in 2016 with the hoverkart and first again in 2017 with the Drift Trike! We are #1 in Canada. We are very proud of our Wheelster brand and very proud of our products. We are hoverboards specialists who knows everything that is to know about the product and who can answer all your questions. 

When you buy from Wheelster, you get a great product at an amazing price because we have amazing volume discount, a great supply chain and a very small overhead because we know how to keep things simple. Finally, on top of that, you get an amazing customer service by email or throught our toll free number from anywhere in Canada. 

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1-855-WHEEL5TER (1 855 943-3558)

Wheelster is committed to the hoverboard's industry since 2015. You can buy from us with confidence to get the best self balancing scooter available on the market. You can rely on Wheelster has we are the leader.

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